Oklahoma Senator Urges Support for Don’t Cap Our Future Campaign

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) spoke for several minutes in support of Farm Bureau’s “Don’t CAP Our Future” campaign on the floor of the Senate recently. Inhofe expressed support for the grassroots campaign, while holding an Farm Bureau farmer cap emblazoned with a “Don’t CAP Our Future” sticker and signatures of members. Earlier, Farm Bureau members presented the cap to Inhofe and asked for his support in urging members of Congress to reject climate change cap-and-trade schemes.

Quoting American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman, Inhofe said, “Increased input costs will put our farmers and ranchers at a competitive disadvantage with producers in other countries who do not have similar greenhouse gas restrictions. Lost production in the United States will encourage production overseas in countries where production methods may be less efficient than in the United States.”  Inhofe went on to note: “In other words, we can do it more efficiently here in the United States, but if we don’t have the energy, we will not be able to do it.” As he closed his comments to the Senate floor, Inhofe referred to the upcoming December climate change summit: “I’ve got your hat and will wear it with dignity all the way to Copenhagen and make sure this thing doesn’t pass.”