Local volunteers are the backbone of Farm Bureau’s membership campaigns.

New membership campaign will offer more flexibility, opportunities

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Ohio Farm Bureau is moving toward a seasonal approach to its membership campaign in order to allow volunteers to contribute in ways that best suit their schedule, interests and talents.

“We won’t just be focusing on the winter months as we traditionally have,” said Scott Donaldson, OFBF director of member programming. “With the seasonal approach, volunteers can have much more flexibility to find a timeframe that works for them.”

During the upcoming campaign, seasonal membership teams will coordinate events and activities during the spring, summer, fall and winter months. Because new Farm Bureau memberships now expire a year after they are issued, individuals can get a full year of membership regardless of when they join.

Donaldson said Farm Bureau is also looking for volunteers who would be interested in focusing on just one or two activities throughout the year.

“We hope to find more and more people that want to get involved when it is convenient for them,” Donaldson said. “If you just want to join your county Farm Bureau at the county fair for an afternoon and sign one or two members, that can be a great contribution. The bottom line is that we want to give more people to become involved on their terms.”

Volunteers will also have an opportunity to reach a larger number of prospective members by participating in events throughout 2010.

“We can reach more people and volunteers can have the flexibility to do what they’re interested in doing when they want to do it,” Donaldson said.

OFBF has achieved membership growth for 42 consecutive years, which has helped continue its strong voice for farmers and rural Ohio on local, state and national policy issues.

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