OFBF Executive Vice President thanks Ohio voters

Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Jack Fisher thanked Ohio voters for passing Issue 2 this week through a letter to editors of newspapers around the state. In case readers missed it, here’s how Fisher expressed his gratitude.


Thank you Ohio voters for your overwhelming support of State Issue 2. Our coalition of family farmers, elected leaders and more than 500 organizations and individual endorsers worked hard to share our vision of how the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board will benefit all Ohioans. Now it is time to live up to our promises.

I encourage you to exercise your right to be a part of the public process. Engage with your State Senators and Representatives as they write the legislation that will determine the Board’s functions and processes. Offer suggestions on qualified individuals whom the Governor, House Speaker and Senate President might consider for appointment to the Board. Participate in the public dialogue that will help guide the Board.

I am proud of the positive campaign our coalition ran and gratified by your vote of confidence. The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board will assure safe, local affordable food, preserve family farms, strengthen Ohio’s economy and assure the well being of farm animals. It will keep decisions about Ohio in the hands of Ohioans. But it will be at its best only with your engagement.


John C. (Jack) Fisher

Executive Vice President

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

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