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Earlier this year, Ohio Farm Bureau launched a new approach in its mission to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers.

OFBF realized that to remain relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s consumers, it had to be proactive. The result is the organization’s venture into social media, where OFBF is visible, engaged and active in the places where people congregate and participate in conversations online.

So far, the results speak for themselves.

As of press time, OFBF’s four Facebook pages had a total of 3,179 fans, while its four Twitter accounts had 4,294 followers. On YouTube, OFBF’s two channels had a total of 4,494 views with more than 1,400 videos watched. (See all Ohio Farm Bureau’s social media accounts)

OFBF’s engagement in social media played a key role in Ohio agriculture’s collective effort to pass State Issue 2. Through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, members and supporters from Ohio and throughout the nation shared photos and stories about how they encouraged a “Yes” vote on Issue 2. Grassroots efforts were organized through social media as rallies, endorsements, Get Out the Vote activities, videos and news stories and positive messages were all shared through Facebook and Twitter.

By having an interactive and engaging online presence, OFBF was an available resource for those with questions. On numerous occasions, staff and members shared timely, accurate and vote-changing information with those who asked. And because the organization is involved in online hubs of conversation where it can find those talking about the issue, it was able to reach voters on a one-to-one basis.

Ohio Farm Bureau has become known nationally as a leader in agriculture’s use of social media. OFBF’s Guide to Social Media has been shared throughout the nation and is used as a training guide for American Farm Bureau Federation. Other state Farm Bureaus and ag organizations are turning to OFBF as a model for social media participation, and a recent National Journal article said Ohio Farm Bureau is “leading the pack on Twitter.”

According to a recent Nielson study, the world now spends more time on social media sites than using personal e-mail. Why? Because it’s fun, informative, changes the way the world receives news and information, and about 67 percent of us are already there.

Ohio Farm Bureau provides the tools to learn and become successful in social media. Log on to to get started with easy-to-use tutorials to help you discover why Ohio Farm Bureau wants and needs you there.

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