Rebuilt to Last

Student Activity based on “Rebuilt to Last” from the January/February 2010 Our Ohio magazine.

Academic Content Standard: National Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster Content Standards High School: Power, Structural and Technical Systems PST 04: Plan, build and maintain agricultural structures.

PST 04.04.01.a – c:  Follow architectural and mechanical plans to construct and/or repair equipment, buildings and facilities. Construct/repair with wood or metal. Install and /or repair pipes/plumbing. Evaluate work products for quality and efficiency of workmanship following architectural and mechanical plans.

(Note: Key terms used from the National AFNR Content Standards are in bold below).

Discussion Points
*Read the entire article titled “Rebuilt to Last” in Our Ohio Magazine or online.
* What are the first two things that the barn owner had done to repair this Madison County barn? Why?
* What kind of farming does John Mitchell do?
* What factors did the farmer have to evaluate in his decision to repair or tear down and build?
o Time
o Cost
o Need
o Historic Value
o Sentiment
o Design/Architectural Appeal
* What company did the family hire to improve the structure of the barn? What was done to repair the structure?
* Why did the Mitchells want to keep the barn’s slate shingles?  
o What are slate shingles?  
* What had to be done to salvage this architectural element of the barn?
* Was it important to refurbish the original name of the farm on the roof?
* What type of work with wood or metal was accomplished to redo the barn?
* Define:
o Preservation
o Renovation
o Restoration
o Rehabilitation

* What was the barn’s original purpose?  Why was it build into a hillside?
* The article gives many reasons that old barns are disappearing. What are two?
*  Why do many people choose not to renovate old barns, according to the article?
* Again, according to the article, which is more cost efficient, renovation or a new build?
* Do you agree with Mr. Mitchell that old barns are “a piece of history you can’t replace?”  Why or why not?

Hands on at Home or School
* Antique Farming: Information on reviving old barns:
* Did you know you could have a career in barn renovation?
o Cool!!!! Look at the before and after pictures on their site.
o Might this work be rewarding?
* When constructing or renovating barns, explain why workers might have to know about:
o Woodworking
o Metal work
o Plumbing and pipe fitting
o Painting
o Construction practices
o Budget

* Why do people desire old wood from barns? What do they do with it?  How much does old/ antique wood cost?
* Geography:  Map Use: Locate Madison County on an Ohio map.
* Search on the Internet for barn designs and blueprints.
o What careers are available?
o What companies sell and build barns?
o List different types of barns.
* Education for Barn Construction Careers
o Architecture
o Mentoring Programs
o Construction Technology
o Other career examples with Walter’s Buildings:

This student activity was prepared by Camille Kopczewski, who is coordinator of religious education at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City. She is a former sixth grade social studies teacher for South-Western City Schools. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education.