OFBF by the numbers

Buckeye Farm News: 2009 – A Year In Review

  • OFBF is a federation of county Farm Bureaus representing all 88 counties. The organization reached a record membership of 235,064 in 2009. Nearly 60,000 of those members are farmers who each get one vote on the organization’s polices. The retention rate for membership in the Ohio Farm Bureau this year was 89.86 percent.
  • OFBF’s Board of Trustees is made up of 26 farmers who are elected by their peers. OFBF board members have a combined 373 years of service.
  • 349 farmer delegates were elected by local members to debate and finalize OFBF’s policies for 2009.
  • There are nearly 574 OFBF Advisory Councils made up of 6,800 members that provide input on farm and rural issues.
  • 23 farmers from across Ohio served on OFBF’s policy development committee, which develops recommendations on OFBF positions.
  • OFBF employees have a combined 734 years of service.

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