At a glance – Jan. 21, 2010

Buckeye Farm News

Name Recognition

Jack Fisher

Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Jack Fisher has received accolades for his work at the helm of the state’s largest farm organization.

A cover story in Smart Business magazine highlighted Fisher as the non-profit executive of the year. The article stated that “in creating a strong connection between Ohio agriculture and the everyday consumer, Fisher has strived to make the organization as relevant today as it was when it was founded 90 years ago.”

Fisher was credited for helping farmers of all sizes through Farm Bureau’s efforts to build a partnership between farmers and consumers.

“Fisher has used his industry understanding to guide the Ohio Farm Bureau to one of the country’s most recognized bureaus,” the article stated.

An editorial in magazine also named Fisher as the “Ohio Ag Man of the Year” for taking a stand against the efforts of animal rights activists. Ohio Farmer Editor Tim White recognized Fisher for his contributions to the Issue 2 campaign as well as initiating the launch of Farm Bureau’s Center for Food and Animal Issues. White wrote that the passage of Issue 2 was undoubtedly a group effort, but “it was the work of the Ohio Farm Bureau under the leadership of Jack Fisher…that got the job done.”

Larry Gearhardt

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s Board of Directors has appointed Larry Gearhardt, OFBF senior director of legal and local affairs, to serve on the AFBF General Counsel Advisory Committee through 2011.

AFBF has a distinguished history of selective participation in litigation matters that implement and advance Farm Bureau’s policies. The General Counsel Advisory Committee evaluates individual case requests from all sectors while assisting with the development of legal strategies for AFBF.

In all, the advisory committee is comprised of nine individuals, eight from state Farm Bureaus (serving two-year terms) and a ninth position held by AFBF’s public policy executive director.

Their Say

“When cows and pigs are all you care about, people can get lost in the shuffle. Today’s overfed animal activists are clearly willing to put Americans in the bread line. Just don’t expect any chicken soup when you get there.”

– A Center for Consumer Freedom article on the impacts that initiatives by the Humane Society of the United States have on jobs and the farm economy.

“Agriculture is a business. Farming without a financial motive is gardening.”

– An L.A. Times food columnist calling for a more thorough understanding of the nation’s debate about food production.

Figured out: 2019

That’s the year that delegates at American Farm Bureau’s annual meeting told Congress the federal budget should come into balance. Farm Bureau believes that reducing the federal deficit over the next decade is key to the nation’s economic security.

To make a long story short

Land that was at the center of a controversial 2005 U.S. Supreme Court Case, which opened the door for the government to take private property for commercial development, is sitting vacant.  The city of New London, Conn. had used its eminent domain authority to take dozens of homes to make way for a hotel, offices and high-end condominiums to help support a neighboring Pfizer research and development facility.  The neighborhood was razed, but had yet to be redeveloped when Pfizer recently announced plans to close its facility and pull 1,400 jobs from the area. A New London city councilman told the New York Times, “I’m sure that there are people that are waiting out there to say, ‘I told you so.’”

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