Bob Ebie and Gayle Lewis

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Bob Ebie

Bob Ebie has been a Portage County Farm Bureau member for many decades, joining when he was a teenager. He grew up on a grain, hog and dairy farm and was a full-time farmer, raising corn, beans, oats, wheat and hay. Today, his farm, near where he grew up, belongs to his son, Daniel.

“I sold the farm to my son in 2002, and we traded houses,” he said.

Since 1998, Ebie has been retired from Nationwide Insurance where he was an agent for 37 years. He started at Nationwide at the suggestion of a county Farm Bureau board member.

“He said it was a good idea to get into part-time work at Nationwide in the winter and it turned into full time,” he said.

Nowadays, Ebie spends his time helping his son on the farm, being with his grandchildren and doing volunteer work. He and his wife Midge also have three daughters. He graduated from Suffield High School and has been president of Portage County Farm Bureau three times and is currently on the county board. He is active with the Lion’s Club and has served a couple of terms on the board of directors. For about 20 years he was a Brimfield Township trustee. He is a member of Harmony Baptist Church in Tallmadge.

“The Columbus Farm Bureau office does a lot of work on legislative issues that help farmers and often everybody,” he said.

Gayle Lewis

Gayle Lewis began working at Ohio Farm Bureau in 1994 and last year was Franklin County’s Farm Bureau Woman of the year. She is responsible for developing and servicing all advertising accounts for Buckeye Farm News and Our Ohio publications. She also coordinates the production and printing aspects for both publications.

Previously she worked for Nationwide Life Insurance for 12 years and then quit when her husband, David, began teaching and coaching in college. They spent 16 years on the college athletic circuit before returning to central Ohio where she began her OFBF career.

She has been active with Franklin County Farm Bureau’s membership campaign for the past 14 years. She has been membership co-chairman and the top county membership signer for several years.  Lewis was raised outside of Groveport in southeastern Franklin County on a dairy and grain farm. She and her husband reside outside New Albany and have two grown children and four grandchildren.

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