Nationwide News: Personalized auto insurance can help in today’s economy

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Today’s economy has more and more people looking for creative ways to balance their budgets. One idea is to look at your insurance coverage to ensure you’re getting the discounts you deserve and not paying for coverage you don’t need. However, care should be taken to maintain adequate coverage, since, without insurance, few people can afford to recover should the unthinkable happen – especially in today’s economy.

To help you learn how to save money, you can contact a Nationwide agent for a free consultation and insurance assessment. The On Your Side Review process enables agents to help customers determine all available discounts to ensure they’re getting the best value possible. It’s available to anyone, regardless of whether you’re a Nationwide customer or not.

In addition to the On Your Side Review, some people may be able to take advantage of the recently unveiled On Your Side Rewards. On Your Side Rewards moves from a one-size-fits-all approach to auto insurance to a base product that can be personalized with various coverage and feature add-ons.

On Your Side Rewards includes features such as accident and minor violation forgiveness, deductible savings/credits and roadside assistance. You can choose any of these options as the program is flexible to meet your needs and your wallet.To learn more, contact a Nationwide agent or visit

Regardless of where you get your insurance, Nationwide offers a few tips:

  • Before talking to an agent, have a good idea of what you own and what may have changed in your life recently.
  • Understand that changes like home renovations or new home alarm systems may reduce your insurance costs.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate coverage for each vehicle and every driver in your household.
  • Consider the age of your car in determining what types of coverage to purchase.Since pricing differences between companies can change often, don’t be afraid to call around and get new quotes.
  • Remember you may have to rely on your company to help rebuild your life if the unthinkable does happen, so don’t trade trustworthiness for price.
  • Don’t forget to tell them you’re an Ohio Farm Bureau member – you may be eligible for a 10 percent discount on your auto insurance.

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