AFBF President Bob Stallman reviews national policy with delegates in Seattle.

Policies go up for a vote

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American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) delegates voted to oppose current cap-and-trade legislation in Congress, approving a resolution stating that it would raise production costs for farmers and that any potential benefits to agriculture are far outweighed by the costs to producers. They also voted to support “any legislation that would suspend EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) authority to regulate Green House Gases under the Clean Air Act.”

Bob Stallman, who was re-elected president of AFBF during the meeting, said Congress should focus on domestic renewable energy that is environmentally friendly but shouldn’t “shrink U.S. agriculture at a time when many are concerned how to feed a growing global population.”

Delegates also approved a policy stating the federal deficit should be reduced each year to become fully balanced by 2019. The policy was derived from the work of a task force assembled by AFBF to review and provide recommendations pertaining to the deficit. Suggested policy resolutions were debated at county and state levels before being adopted nationally.

“Unless we want to saddle our children and grandchildren with a crippling debt to foreign governments, we have to get the federal budget under control,” Stallman said. “We are looking at a current deficit of more than a trillion dollars. The United States must tighten its belt, and we all must make sacrifices in order for the U.S. to maintain economic security.”

Ohio Farm Bureau earns awards at annual meeting

For the second straight year, OFBF was recognized at American Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Meeting as the best of the best in its membership division, earning AFBF’s Pinnacle Award for overall outstanding program achievement combined with membership growth. OFBF also earned all possible Awards for Excellence and three President’s Awards from these categories:

  • Agriculture Education and Promotion
  • Leadership Development
  • Member Services
  • Policy Implementation
  • Public Relations and Information

“Year after year, Ohio Farm Bureau members continue to prove that they are among the most intelligent and innovative agricultural leaders in the country,” said OFBF President Brent Porteus.

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