Gubernatorial running mates Yvette McGee Brown (D) and Mary Taylor (R)

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“A formula that works for high-end foodies of the Bay Area or Manhattan can’t produce enough affordable food to feed the masses — whether in Minnesota or Mumbai.”

~ A columnist in Forbes magazine responding to critics of modern agricultural practices.

“The developed world must find new agricultural approaches before the world’s hungriest come knocking on its door for a glass of clean water and a plate of disease-free rice and beans.”

~ An op-ed columnist in the New York Times saying that food, environmental and land use issues would be solved if farms were replaced with towering urban hothouses.

Figured Up: 251,826

The number of deer that have been harvested in Ohio this season as of mid-January. Hunting continues through Feb. 7

Save the date:

OFBF’s annual Trends and Issues Conference and Advisory Team meetings will be held at the Fawcett Center in Columbus. Speakers include Terry Fleck of the Center for Food Integrity and climate change scientist Lonnie Thompson. Registration details will be available in the coming weeks.

That’s the ticket

Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, recently selected Yvette McGee Brown as his running mate for his 2010 re-election bid. She is the president of the Center for Child and Family Advocacy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and a former Franklin County Common Pleas Court judge.

Republican gubernatorial contender John Kasich, a former U.S. representative, tapped Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor, a certified public accountant and former state legislator, as his prospective lieutenant governor.

In a day’s work

Here is a sampling of the many ways OFBF staff worked on behalf of members in the past few weeks.

OFBF met with county leaders from Auglaize and Mercer counties to discuss the development of a strategy to help implement the Grand Lake St. Marys Water Quality Improvement Initiatives. The first step will be to hold a meeting with the two county SWCD and Farm Bureau boards of trustees to develop an action agenda containing specific actions and timeline.

OFBF participated in a recent Aquaculture Task Force meeting. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has created the task force to create a state plan to capitalize on existing and expand future aquaculture opportunities in the state.

OFBF met with the county Farm Bureau board of trustees and county commissioners from Union County to assist them in the development of an agricultural environmental and community health study to be conducted prior to the establishment of a new poultry facility.

OFBF attended the annual meeting of the Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts to record a Town Hall Ohio radio show and to share the advantages of using social media.

Statehouse Agenda

Some of the many bills that OFBF is currently following at the Statehouse:

H.B. 301  

  • Makes changes to Ohio’s Advanced Energy Fund   
  • OFBF Position: Oppose

H.B. 321 

  • Establishes the week of Thanksgiving as Ohio Agriculture Week
  • OFBF Position: Support

H.B. 414   

  • Implements the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board 
  • OFBF Position: Support

HJR 12

  • Allows voters to extend the Third Frontier initiative 
  • OFBF Position: Monitor

S.B. 131

  • Requires the state to purchase biobased products when feasible
  • OFBF Position: Support

S.B. 155  

  • Funding provision for Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • OFBF Position: Support

S.B. 162/H.B. 276

  • Revises state regulation of telephone companies
  • OFBF Position: Support

S.B. 225/H.B. 410

  • Establishes rules for propagating deer
  • OFBF Position: Monitor

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