Animals for Life Foundation accepting donations

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The Foundation is part of Ohio Farm Bureau’s Center for Food and Animal Issues (Center) and focuses on fund-raising efforts to support the Center’s mission. The Foundation’s goal is to engage and build understanding and trust in the areas where animals touch the lives of people and promote the common belief that people have the right to use animals and the responsibility to do so humanely.

At OFBF’s annual meeting, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America presented the Foundation with a $50,000 check. George Stebbins, a Farm Credit Services board member and pork producer, said while presenting the check that farmers show care and compassion for livestock while following standards set out by animal ag experts.

“The Foundation gives a voice to farmers, consumers, pet owners, animal welfare groups, researchers and sportsmen. The whole idea for the Foundation is to create opportunities for people to donate or support programs that will go toward education as well as endeavors associated with animals,” said Mike Bumgarner, vice president for the Center.

The Animals for Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and its board of trustees consists of representatives from Ohio Farm Bureau, Farm Credit Services and Bob Evans Co. The board is responsible for determining how the money will be allocated and identifying prospective contributors, said David White, senior director of OFBF’s issues management and executive director of the Foundation.

“We need to better educate the public and consumers about the role animals play in their lives. The purpose of the Foundation is to emphasize and preserve the place animals have in our daily lives and to get the public to recognize that animals bring value to our lives each and every day whether as rescue dogs or as companions,” he said. “The Foundation will not be engaged in political activity; it’s only for public outreach.”

The Foundation is currently in the process of developing a marketing plan, Web site and fund-raising brochure, White said.

“When you take a look at how animal agriculture is under attack, it’s not just production ag that’s being attacked,” he said. “Anybody who is using animals whether in zoos, for research or for entertainment purposes feels threatened.”

Contact White at [email protected] or 614-246-8261.

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