Stimpert (right) discusses Issue 2, Livestock Care and HSUS in Ohio. Click video to play.

Video Update: The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board and HSUS

Ohio voters approved State Issue 2 by a nearly 2-to-1 margin last fall, creating the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. Just a few months after the election and prior to establishing the specifics through which the board will operate, an out-of-state activist organization wants to undo what Ohio voters accomplished.

In this video, Keith Stimpert, senior vice president of public policy, and Joe Cornely, senior director of corporate communications for Ohio Farm Bureau Federation discuss the background of Issue 2, the Livestock Care Standards Board, and the implications of the latest actions of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in Ohio.

HSUS has taken steps to mobilize paid signature gatherers to push a ballot initiative before Ohio voters that would dictate livestock care standards from its own perspective. Stimpert said this move is “very counter to what we’re trying to do with (the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board), which is bring together knowledgeable Ohioans to think through the process in a very comprehensive way.”

“I think folks need to consider what’s really going on here – really look at HSUS, what they’re about and what they are trying to achieve,” Stimpert said.

He cautioned that nobody is turning their back on livestock care, and that Ohio has an opportunity to be a national leader in livestock care through the establishment of the board.

“HSUS should really take their concerns and bring them to the board once it’s up and going,” Stimpert said. “Certainly they don’t have the best interest of Ohio farmers, and we don’t think they have the best interest of Ohio consumers at heart.”

Ohio Farm Bureau suggests voters consider the points outlined in this video, look deeper into the issue, learn more about HSUS’ goals and intent, and what the implications are in changing what was accomplished last November.

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