Tips for both beginners and more experienced social media users

Add value to social media engagement

Buckeye Farm News

Other posts are intriguing, but leave us hanging. For example, “Cow loose on highway.”

Buckeye Farm News asked social media friends/followers what they found to be the most useful posts. Overall they said posts that provide value. By preparing for what somebody should take away from your post, you can create more value.

Valuable posts and suggestions for creating them

News and Information

Posts appear as soon as submitted and travel in real-time.

Suggestions: Share links you find interesting that friends/followers can click to view a full story. Describe what you’re sharing and why. Follow those whose posts pertain to your interests, mimicking their posting habits to see what works for you.

Updates from events

Posting from an event garners attention and informs those unable to attend.

Suggestions: Share quotes from an interesting speaker/presenter. Share photos. Tell what you’re doing and why. Share your excitement. Follow, search and contribute to Twitter hashtags developed for events.

Being human

We view our 9-to-5 lives as uneventful, but everyday moments shape who we are.

Suggestions: When going about your day, share experiences and what’s important about what you do, how you do it and why you care. Talk about your values, earning trust and respect along the way. Follow up if somebody responds to your posts.


A bit of personality goes a long way.

Suggestions: Share funny experiences and comment on others. Share photos, jokes or stories. Keep it in good taste.

A takeaway suggestion: Train yourself to post once daily. Because even simple posts provide some sort of value.

Every day, hundreds of millions of people provide small bits of valuable information about what’s happening RIGHT NOW in their lives and professions for friends/followers to conveniently consume.

Starting to sound valuable yet?

Ohio Farm Bureau provides you the tools to get started and become adept at using social media at

Thanks to Twitter followers @KatieallenMo, @n_web, @cassandrafaris, @agropinion and @Mica_Mon for contributing their thoughts to this story.

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