Wyandot County offers ‘Warmth Where Needed’

Buckeye Farm News

With 125 yards of fleece and more than 7,000 knots, the Wyandot Wranglers Farm Bureau Youth has put Warmth Where Needed in Wyandot County. Members of the group made 25 fleece blankets that were donated to the county sheriff’s department to be given to children and adults who could use the warmth and comfort of a blanket.

“These blankets will be great; it’s something we can really use,” said Rich Kessler of the sheriff’s department. The Warmth Where Needed community project was started by the group with some of the funds they raised from selling cookbooks.

 “Youth need to do community service to develop an understanding that it’s not always just about them. This project helps them start to think about others and the impact they can have on another’s life with something as simple as a blanket,” said Annie Freditz, an adviser for the group.

The youth hope to expand the project and get others involved.

“The blankets are fun to make, and we’re doing something good in the community,” said Raychelle Myers, Wyandot Wrangler Youth member.

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