Ohio Sheep Improvement Association wins American Sheep Industry Membership Award

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OSIA) – The Ohio Sheep Improvement Association (OSIA) recently received recognition by the American Sheep Industry (ASI) for having the largest increase in membership among 25 state associations with dues of more than $2,000.

OSIA increased its membership by 74 members between May 31, 2008 and May 31, 2009. OSIA was awarded a 5 percent refund on their 2010 ASI membership dues as a reward for its accomplishment.

“We are very pleased with this award, as we have been working extremely hard to get the message out about what we are doing as an association,” said Roger A. High, OSIA executive director. The membership award increase came to fruition from membership campaign efforts of the OSIA Board of Directors. “We are especially thankful to Curt Cline, of Athens County, and Daryl Clark, of Muskingum County, for leading the charge to increase OSIA membership over the past couple of years,” said High. “We are hopeful that this increase in membership trend will continue as the association contributes to the future of both the sheep and livestock industries.”

The Ohio Sheep Improvement Association is the membership arm of the Ohio Sheep Industry, with a current membership of near 400 sheep farmers. Membership dues help pay for a number of sponsored activities including Ohio Sheep Day, “District” programs and the Buckeye Shepherd’s Symposium. Major programs sponsored by the association include the Ohio State Fair “Taste of Ohio Café,” and Make-It-With Wool, a major promotional program for the wool industry in the United States.

Overall, American Sheep Industry (ASI) membership as of May 31, 2009 was 7,286 members.

Learn more at www.ohiosheep.org.

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