OFBF sets priorities for upcoming year

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OFBF recently laid out its state policy priorities for 2010. Here’s a glimpse at some of the ways OFBF will be working on behalf of its members:

Livestock – OFBF supports fair regulations and the creation of the Livestock Care Standards Board in a timely, transparent process to protect the viability of Ohio’s animal agriculture industry. Legislation governing the board should include reasonable funding, good stewardship and a process that is fair to all producers – regardless of size or method of production.

Business Climate and Taxes – OFBF believes a low tax burden is key to economic growth. It will work to maintain a strong CAUV program, eliminate or reduce Ohio’s estate tax and clarify the sales tax exemption for farm equipment.

State Budget – OFBF will work to maintain adequate funding for key programs including the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State Extension and Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

Transportation and Infrastructure – OFBF will support integration, maintenance, upgrades and expansion of the state’s highway, water, rail and air systems to support Ohio’s agbioresource industry. OFBF will support expansion of rural broadband and modification of the axle weight limits for farm trucks.

Property Rights and Wildlife – OFBF will protect personal property rights through engagement on issues such as eminent domain, wildlife population control, land use, mining drainage, home sewage treatment, scrap metal and timber theft, burning requirements, water rights and more.

Energy – OFBF will support implementation of Ohio’s current energy initiatives, uniform siting guidelines for renewable power generation, enhancement of biofuel production capacity and smart grid technologies.

Education Reform – OFBF believes any proposed education reform should include specific funding reforms and curriculum improvements, integrate distance learning and maintain agriculture education and related programs in Ohio schools.

Federal priorities include climate change legislation, animal care, tax policy and budget, food quality and safety, environment and land use, energy and transportation, policy and labor and immigration.

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