New Livestock Care TOOL BOX E-Newsletter Debuts This Week

Be watching your email for the new Livestock Care TOOLBOX, aimed at equipping you for the upcoming challenge to the Ohio Livestock Care Standards board. Each edition will include helpful information that you can use to turn back the out-of-state activists who want to undo what you accomplished with Issue 2.  Sometimes Toolbox will simply update you on current events and local needs.  Other times it will request urgent action.  At all times you should use it to do what Farm Bureau members do best: stand up for the rights of farmers and consumers!  If you currently receive Farm Bureau’s POWER Communications you should begin automatically receiving the “TOOL Box” Livestock Care e-mail updates but if you do not currently receive e-mail updates from Ohio Farm Bureau and want to receive the “TOOL Box e-newsletter, be sure to send your name, county and e-mail address to [email protected].