Gov. Strickland signed HB 414 on Wednesday, immediatiely enacting the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

Strickland signs bill to implement livestock care board

Calling it the right approach for Ohioans, Gov. Ted Strickland today signed H.B. 414 which will allow the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to move forward.

Strickland was joined by farmers and representatives of food, hunger, veterinary and humane organizations as he signed legislation that was required to implement the board after voters approved it by a nearly 2 to 1 margin last November.

Once appointed, the board will set comprehensive standards for farm animal care and well-being that take into account factors such as the protection of safe, local food supplies and generally accepted veterinary medical practices, livestock practice standards and ethical standards established by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Robert Boggs, who will chair the board, has said he would like to hold regional meetings to begin to gather “maximum public input” on livestock care standards.

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