Farm Bureau supports Issue 2 in May election

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) Board of Trustees has voted to support passage of State Issue 2 on the May ballot.  Issue 2 would authorize a change in location for the Columbus casino, which was approved by Ohio voters last November.

OFBF believes passage of Issue 2 would better serve the needs of citizens of Franklin County and their local governments.  The casino will provide needed economic development in its proposed new location and its construction is welcomed by the neighborhood.  Conversely, a casino in the original downtown location has encountered neighborhood opposition, largely because a casino would not be consistent with the area’s current use and future development plans.  Further, the casino developers are supportive of the effort to relocate.

“There’s no debate over whether Columbus will have a casino, that was decided last fall,” said OFBF president Brent Porteus.  “But this relocation is a reasonable step that preserves the rights of private property owners while best meeting the needs of the community.”

“We will be encouraging Farm Bureau members and the public to vote yes on Issue 2,” Porteus added. 

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