Guernsey County Farm Bureau Vice President Bryson Wakeley at the Guernsey County Home, Garden and Business Show.

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Guernsey County Farm Bureau blooming in membership

Guernsey County Farm Bureau joined the Guernsey County Chamber of Commerce at the annual Home, Garden and Business show at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center, March 12-14. Farm Bureau members gave those in attendance a chance to win a garden gift basket, plus they had the opportunity to showcase the many benefits of Farm Bureau. While at the show, attendees also had the opportunity to sign up for Farm Bureau’s Grow and Know events that will take place throughout the year. “We hoped this gave the weekend gardeners and consumers a chance to learn more about Farm Bureau,” said Bryson Wakeley, Guernsey County Farm Bureau vice president.

Operation: FarmSafe

More than 1,000 people converged upon Wynford High School March 20 to take part in the 2nd annual Operation: FarmSafe.

“We already had the facilities for our Farmer’s Share Breakfast where we served more than 625 meals, plus this allowed us to host our Workers’ Compensation safety program,” said Korre Boyer, Farm Bureau organization director.

Operation: FarmSafe was organized by HealthLink, Bucyrus Community Hospital’s community outreach branch. Participants took classes ranging from combine safety to grain bin rescue. Farm Bureaus from eight counties referred their members to the event in an effort to make their members more aware of the safety hazards that come with farming. The event also was offered to EMS and first responders so they could get hands-on-training directly from manufacturers of the tools used for emergencies.

Biomass big issue in Belmont County

Belmont College was the site for a recent “green energy forum,” which brought Ohio-based energy providers and area farmers together to discuss biomass energy options.

Belmont County Farm Bureau helped spearhead this meeting in order to help educate the public about biomass energy potential for Ohio. Using biomass materials such as grasses, trees, pulp, logs and sawdust instead of depending heavily on coal could make Ohio a market leader in biomass production. More than 100 people from several eastern and southeastern counties were in attendance to hear from energy experts.

According to First Energy, Belmont County’s RE Burger Power Plant is expected to be home to the largest fuel facility in the country that is 100 percent bio-fueled fired. Farmers could become a major supplier by producing the materials needed to fuel the electricity.

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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