OFBF endorses Issues 1 and 2

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Listen to a Town Hall Ohio radio broadcast about these two issues.

Hear Ohio State University President Dr. E. Gordon Gee give reasons for his support of Issue 1.


Issue 1

This issue will renew Ohio’s highly-successful Third Frontier program. OFBF’s board felt Third Frontier is a proven driver of economic development and represents responsible use of taxpayer dollars. The program is a private-public partnership that targets state investments into technology-based growth industries. It was first approved by Ohio voters in 2005 and has since created 48,000 jobs, aided 571 business start-ups and produced $6.6 billion in total economic impact. The program also benefits farmers as agricultural products are used to produce bio-fuels and other alternative energy, advanced materials for manufacturing, biomedical products and support many other industries.

Issue 2

Ohioans have already weighed in on the decision to approve casinos in specific Ohio communities. This issue would move the location of a voter-approved casino from Columbus’s family-friendly Arena District and would redevelop the site of an abandoned General Motors plant on the west side of town. OFBF believes passage of Issue 2 would better serve the needs of citizens of Franklin County and their local governments. The casino will provide needed economic development in its proposed new location and its construction is welcomed by the neighborhood. Conversely, a casino in the original downtown location has encountered neighborhood opposition, largely because a casino would not be consistent with the area’s current use and future development plans. Furthermore, the casino developers are supportive of the effort to relocate.

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