Jayne and Richard Young

Pleased to Feed You, the Youngs

How we met: We met when Jayne’s cousin and Rick’s best friend introduced us. We dated four years and married in 1968.

Why Farm Bureau?
We like being a member because [Farm Bureau] has the best interest of the farmer and they represent us well in Washington, D.C. on very important issues.

Our farm
: We have a cow-calf operation. We have at any given time 360 cows that freshen (have a calf) in March. We also background calves, approximately 5,000 annually. (They have the calves out on pasture and feed them that way until they bring them in to finish feeding them to market weight with grain.)

What motivates you? Work ethic has always been a key to our productivity. We love what we do. We enjoy every aspect, whether it’s calving, vaccinating or clipping pastures, etc. We have a lot of respect for God’s creation, be it animal or land.

What’s happening on the farm? We are calving. We make two rounds a day and as we ride among the cows, we realize what a nice job we have and that those calves are truly a miracle.

Community involvement:
Rick is on the county Farm Bureau board, we are members of Ohio Valley Cattleman and members of East Richland Friends Church.

Achievements: 2009 Region I Environmental Stewardship Award, 2009 Ohio Environmental Award, 2007 Ohio’s Commercial Cattleman of the Year, 2006 Conservation Farm Family Award

Our county is known for: Strip mined ground and lots of it.

Our biggest challenge: To take strip mine ground – that was depleted of nutrients – and make it productive. Having grass and water at an abundance – it was a very fragile area.

Biggest misconception (they’ve heard) about farming:
That it’s an 8 to 4 day and you have weekends off!

What do you want your legacy to be? We worked hard together, did a good job and loved what we did.