Nationwide News: Don’t discount your discounts

Buckeye Farm News

Members benefit in multiple ways from belonging to Ohio Farm Bureau. In addition to strong representation and a credible voice on farm policy issues, OFBF gives you a way to join together with others throughout the ag industry.

Tangible benefits provide dollars-and-sense reasons to belong, especially the discounts through Nationwide on insurance to protect many of the things that matter most to your family – like your farm, vehicles, home, boat, RV, condo, and even pets. Savings on these and other coverages often can return your dues investment in Farm Bureau many times over.

You can continue to take advantage of valuable discounts from Nationwide and other benefit providers by making sure you’ve renewed your OFBF membership for the year. Your county Farm Bureau office or a local Nationwide agent can assist with your renewal.

Asking a local Nationwide agent for an “On Your Side” review also will help you learn how much you could save from the following Nationwide discounts.

Additional discounts from Nationwide could help you pile up even more savings, such as those for insuring:

  • Both your car and home
  • Both your car and life
  • More than one car
  • Your car when you belong to a qualifying “affinity” organization
  • Accident-free drivers (with 5 years experience and 5 years without a chargeable accident)
  • Good students – teens earning a B average or above
  • Long-term policyholders – 15 percent for 5 years with Nationwide, 5 percent for 3 years
  • Cars with anti-theft devices or passive restraints (airbags)
  • Defensive drivers who have completed a qualified course

For more information, and to request an On Your Side review, contact a nearby Nationwide agent, or visit

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