Ohio Farm Bureau statement on animal abuse video

For Immediate Release

May 26, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – The following is a statement from the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) regarding today’s video showing abuse of animals on an Ohio dairy farm.

“The gratuitous cruelty exhibited in this video is incomprehensible to anyone who is devoted to caring for farm animals.  Clearly, the intent of this employee’s actions was nothing short of torture and the severity of his acts calls out for punishment.

“There is no question the treatment these animals were subjected to is wrong. But there are additional questions that are not so clear.  What motivated this brutal behavior? Why was the cruelty not immediately brought to the attention of the farm owners or law enforcement? Farm Bureau believes it is important that all of facets of this incident be explored and encourages a comprehensive examination by the proper legal authorities.

“We are also concerned that this incident will be manipulated for political gain by animal rights activists.  Any attempt to portray these horrific acts as commonplace on Ohio farms would be deceitful.  Farmers take care of their livestock because it’s what decent people do, and because comfortable animals are productive animals.  Farmers should not be judged by this aberrant and disgusting event.”

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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