Hocking County Farm Bureau volunteer Jo Ann Murtha stands with Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North.

Sheriff North Supports $2,500 Reward Program

The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office and the Hocking County Farm Bureau have partnered to promote the Ohio Farm Bureau’s $2,500 Reward Program.

The Reward Program was created over 40 years ago to aid in the apprehension and conviction of individuals who have committed serious crimes against Farm Bureau members.

“Farm Bureau is thrilled to have the support of Sheriff North’s office,” said Jo Ann Murtha board member and family farmer volunteer for the Hocking County Farm Bureau. “The program is designed to help neighbors look out for each other in our rural communities.”

The $2,500 reward is paid to both Farm Bureau members and nonmembers who provide law enforcement officials with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those who commit arson, malicious injury to property, burglary or other felonies on a Farm Bureau member’s property.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Reward Program recently received the support of the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association, a statewide group consisting of Ohio’s 88 county sheriffs.

“We continue to hear of numerous house break-ins and theft in the rural areas of our community,” said John Torres organization director for the Hocking County Farm Bureau. “The $2,500 reward program is designed to help rural residents become more vigilant in looking out for the well-being of their neighbors. As a rural community, we need to be very clear that we will not tolerate our personal property rights being violated as a result of criminal activity.”

The property protection program is funded through Ohio Farm Bureau, county Farm Bureaus and Nationwide Insurance. It is for all types of Ohio Farm Bureau members, from farmers to businesses to urban residents.

For more information about the $2,500 Reward Program, contact the Hocking County Farm Bureau at 1-800-992-3276.

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