Pleased to Feed You, the Cline Family

Our family: Curt, Wendy, Kayla and Wesley

How we met: High school sweethearts. First date was fall homecoming 1987.

When did you join Farm Bureau?

We raise:
Our farm has changed in the past few years. Currently we are a sheep grazing operation focused on nutrient management with our mind on building a sustainable business that our children will be interested in maintaining.

Hardest chore: Building fence

What motivates you?
Taking a hobby farm and making a sustainable business. Being able to make a living for a family on less than 250 acres in today’s economy.

What are you passionate about? Sustainability. If farming practices are not sustainable then it is all just temporary … and that is a waste of my time.

What’s happening on the farm?
Lactating ewes with 3-week-old lambs at their side are strip grazing alfalfa. (Strip grazing allows animals to access a small part of the field at a time.) Corn is already up. We plan to graze (the sheep) on standing corn next winter.

Community involvement: Athens Soil and Water Conservation District board member, Athens Area Grazing Council, club promoter for Full Throttle ATV Drag Racing Club, work with Athens County OSU Extension with production management schools and with on-farm research.

American Sheep Industry Environmental Stewardship Award, Ohio Livestock Coalition Environmental Stewardship Award, a successful marriage with my wife Wendy, two great children and an expanding small farm in Albany.

Why we farm:
First of all, I love it. Second, it is a great place to teach children how to apply knowledge they learn in school in real life situations. It also keeps family close.

Our biggest challenge:
Making the transition from one farm location to having two farms 10 miles apart.

What do you or your family do for fun?
Our family races. Kids drag race and motocross ATVs. My wife runs off-road rail buggies. I buy fuel and turn wrenches.

Biggest misconception (you’ve heard) about farming: There is no future in small farms.

I want my legacy to be: That I had a happy family.