Opportunities for Involvement in the 2010 General Election

County Farm Bureaus and Farm Bureau members are encouraged to get involved in the November 2, 2010 General Election.  According to OFBF Director of Political and Legislative Education Doug Foxx, “now is the time to get to know the candidates that will soon take office as our new elected leaders at the local, state, and national levels.”  The following list are just a few of many ways that county Farm Bureaus and individual farmers can get involved in the election.

County Farm Bureaus

  • Complete informal incumbent review evaluation form during county Farm Bureau board meetings and submit to state office and participate in Open Seat Screenings in legislative districts where an incumbent is not running for re-election
  • Ask county Farm Bureau leaders to host candidates for an hour or two during the county fair – use this as an opportunity to walk the candidate around the barns and introduce him/her to the agricultural community, talk about issues important to your county and Ohio agriculture as well as show off the 4-H/FFA youth programs
  • Host a Meet the Candidate’s Reception in conjunction with your County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
  • Work with local Chambers of Commerce, League of Women Voters, Rotary/Kiwanis Clubs, and/or other organizations to host a Candidate Forum, be sure to publicize this event well and build a large attendance
  • Conduct a Voter Registration Drive within your county Farm Bureau membership and your community

You as an Individual (not on “Farm Bureau time”)

  • Research your local and statewide candidates – get to know their background, policy positions, and philosophies on issues.  Visit their campaign website, attend events where they speak, and read about them in the newspaper, make an educated choice about who to support
  • Winning an election often costs a great deal of money so consider donating personal funds to candidates, Ohio Farm Bureau’s Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee, the Ohioans for Livestock Care PAC, and/or your local political party
  • Volunteer for candidates and/or your local political party by:

– Making phone calls to candidate’s supporters or potential supporters

– Going door-to-door for a candidate to distribute literature and meet voters

– Assisting the candidate with 72-hour or Get Out the Vote (GOTV) programs

– Walking in parades with candidates or attend local events where they are speaking or work a shift at campaign headquarters

– Helping distribute yard signs and pick them up after the election

– Creating a Farmer Support Committee to advise the candidate on agricultural issues and to reach out to other farmers in the county

– Hosting a house party or farm tour for a candidate or issue that you support – invite your friends, family, and neighbors to come get to know the candidate or learn more about an issue