Mike Townsley, right, of Bob Evans Farms and OFBF First Vice President Steve Hirsch are welcomed by Dr. Bobby Moser.

Bob Evans Farms, OFBF invest in youth programs at Sale of Champions

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Bob Evans Farms, in partnership with Ohio Farm Bureau, purchased this year’s reserve grand champion market barrow at the Ohio State Fair, which will help support youth involvement in agriculture.  The hog was exhibited by Alec Bremek of Logan County, and under Ohio State Fair rules, the bulk of the proceeds from the sale will go into a Youth Reserve Program.  At the 2010 Sale of Champions, a total of $203,500 was raised for the youth programs.  

“This was a great opportunity for Farm Bureau to promote agriculture and advance our commitment to youth and the fair,” said Janet Cassidy, OFBF senior director of marketing communications. “Our support of the Sale of Champions was another step in our growing partnership with Bob Evans.  I encourage members to keep their eye out for more exciting news from this partnership in the future.”

The Sale of Champions made news this year for breaking six new sale records. Gov. Ted Strickland took part in this year’s sale where the grand champion market animals including chickens, lambs, barrows and beef were auctioned to the highest bidder. The 2010 Sale of Champions raised a total of $272,500 – the largest total sale amount in its history.

“The buyers really came out today to support our youth at the Sale and Youth Reserve Program,” said Virgil Strickler, general manager of the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair.  “Their support today will help numerous Ohio youth for years to come.”

Established in 1995, the Youth Reserve Program’s purpose is to reward junior exhibitors who participate in the Ohio State Fair. Funds for the program come from the dollars received over a cap that is placed on the amount an exhibitor can receive from the Sale of Champions. The funds from the program are distributed among carcass contests, scholarships, the outstanding market exhibitor program, the outstanding breeding exhibitor program, showmanship, skillathons, 4-H and FFA. The Youth Reserve Program has awarded 20,000 youth exhibitors more than $1.5 million since its inception.

The results of the 2010 Sale of Champions are as follows:

Grand Champion Market Beef

Exhibited by: Danielle Heintz, Auglaize County

Purchased by: S & S Volvo and GMC Trucks of Lima, OH; J.D. Equipment; Elgin Service Center

Price: $65,000   Cap: $21,000

Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef*

Exhibited by: Andy Sloan, Richland County

Purchased by: Steve R. Rauch Excavating and Demolition

Price: $30,000  Cap: $10,000

Grand Champion Market Barrow

Exhibited by: Haley Clinker, Defiance County

Purchased by: Meijer, Inc.

Price: $42,000   Cap: $9,000

Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrow*

Exhibited by: Alec Bremek, Logan County

Purchased by: Bob Evans Farms; Ohio Farm Bureau

Price: $27,000   Cap: $6,000

Grand Champion Market Lamb*

Exhibited by: Rachael Overs, Logan County

Purchased by: The Kroger Company

Price: $45,000   Cap: $9,000

Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb*

Exhibited by: Madison Banbury, Knox County

Purchased by: Kale Marketing; Huffman’s Market; Burkhart Farm Center; Ohio Racing Industry; Direct Feeds

Price: $22,000   Cap: $6,000

Grand Champion Meat Chickens*

Exhibited by: Tyler Gray, Union County

Purchased by: The Kroger Company; Park Farms

Price: $27,000   Cap: $5,000

Reserve Grand Champion Meat Chickens*

Exhibited by: Garrett Shafer, Miami County

Purchased by: Concessions by Cox; Amusements of America; Event Marketing Strategies; Brian Shenkman

Price: $14,500   Cap:  $3,000


2010 total sale: $272,500

2010 amount earned for Youth Reserve Program: $203,500

*indicates new record

Records broken include: Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef, previous record was $27,000 set in 2009 by the Kroger Company; Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrow, previous record was $26,000 set in 2008 by Meijer, Inc.; Grand Champion Market Lamb, previous record was $30,000 set in 2001 by the Kroger Company; Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb, previous record was $17,500 set in 2006 by Kale Marketing, Burkhart Farm Center and J.D. Equipment; Grand Champion Meat Chickens, previous record was $18,000 set in 2001 by the Kroger Company; Reserve Grand Champion Meat Chickens, previous record was $11,500 set in 2008 by Kale Marketing and Burkhart Farm Center.

The Sale of Champions was produced and broadcast live by the ABN Radio Network. The Sale will air again Thursday, Aug. 12 at 8 pm on ONN.

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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