Cuyahoga Horse Owners Reach Out

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The Cuyahoga County Equine Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals who come from various backgrounds, but who all share a love of horses. The committee is fervent in sharing its passion with others.

The 7th Annual Benefit Horse Show was held at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds on July 18, with participants competing in a variety of show classes and fun events. “The very first benefit show was established to raise money in support of the Mounted Unit of the Cleveland Police Department,” said Joe Porach, Equine Advisory Committee chairperson. “That year we raised and donated over $5,000. This year with the economy the way it is, we still expect to clear $1,400 after expenses.” The proceeds from this year’s show are earmarked to support the “Regional Equine Information Network System” (REINS) program.

The REINS program, established by Ohio State University Extension, is dedicated to the education of equine enthusiasts to continue the growth of the industry. On June 24 the Equine Advisory Committee hosted a REINS program for local animal control officers. “We wanted to work with the animal control officers to help educate them for when they are asked to investigate potential animal abuse cases,” Porach said. “We have created a relationship with these officers, so if they have questions they call me first.” The advisory committee has a goal to educate those who own horses or may want to own a horse, about the proper way to care for that animal.

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