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In the summer of 2008, Ohio Farm Bureau staff considered what needed to be included in a redesign of an website that, in terms of Internet standards, was stuck in 1998. Sitting atop that list was the voice of the Ohio Farm Bureau member.

Since spring of 2009, members have been able to create a free user account at, allowing them to comment on stories, vote in reader polls, easily access their county Farm Bureau and check and renew their membership status.

In the summer of 2010, the online voice of the Ohio Farm Bureau member played a vital role in our communication on an important issue in which many were actively involved.

When news broke of the agreement between Ohioans for Livestock Care, Gov. Ted Strickland and the Humane Society of the United States, many of our members discovered these features and used them to let us know their thoughts and questions about the agreement.

And it wasn’t just on

Ohio Farm Bureau members spoke out throughout the web with comments and concerns about the agreement posted on news stories, blog posts, Facebook pages, Twitter and other content.

And we know that, because we are listening.

A proactive focus on social media allows OFBF to give real-time information, receive real-time feedback, and answer your actual (and sometimes tough) questions that need to be answered. Thank you to all who comment on and throughout the web. Your online voices let us take a timely pulse of our membership and provide information you need. This is the essence of social media.

We’ve never had an easier way to make our voices heard, and as proven this summer, OFBF members are quickly learning to use it, and share it, online.

According to comments and concerns, many were itching for a fight at the ballot this fall and were prepared to invest significant personal time toward the cause.

With a ballot issue off the table, now is the ideal time for Ohio farmers to reinvest that momentum and passion toward OFBF’s forward-looking mission to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers.

You told us how you feel on, and we’re in the business of keeping you in business. But is your voice as loud in spaces where those with ulterior motives are telling consumers how to feel about what you do?

Like the website, a little bit of personal online investment toward being proactive, transparent and responsive to consumer concerns can help us all move beyond 1998.

Sign up for your personalized account and enable your voice at

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