OFBF comments on veal farm video

Last year, Ohio voters said the creation of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board was the appropriate approach to address difficult animal care questions. One of the board’s first actions was to make the study of veal production methods a priority.

The veal sub-committee of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board has been very active and is meeting regularly.  We anticipate that they will be making recommendations to the board for its consideration in the very near future.

Ohio Farm Bureau and other farm organizations have taken the lead by recommending that the board adopt standards consistent with the American Veal Association’s transition to group housing.

The board now has the responsibility to thoroughly consider how livestock care standards may be implemented to ensure animal well-being and provide a path forward for Ohio’s farmers and consumers. The board, which includes veterinarians, hunger advocates, farmers, a humane society representative, food safety experts and others, has taken this charge seriously. The task should not be rushed; the board should be given an appropriate amount of time to do its job.

Emotional videos and heavy-handed political intrusions are not helpful in achieving the board’s goals.

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