License plates issued for all-purpose vehicles

New rules are now in effect that require all-purpose vehicles, such as ATVs, to display a license plate and registration sticker.

All-purpose vehicles that are used on the farm, primarily for agricultural purposes are exempt when the owner qualifies for CAUV. However, the license plate is required if the vehicle is used on public land, trails or right-of-ways.

The rules helped accomplish an OFBF policy objective to address ATV trespassing and subsequent property damage.

The license plate, which has bright orange characters, must remain with the vehicle and be displayed in plain sight, according to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The three-year registration will cost $34.75, some of which will be used to create and maintain public trails.

Any current all-purpose vehicle decals remain valid until their expiration, when they must be replaced with an all-purpose vehicle license plate, according to the BMV. Registrations expire on Dec. 31 in the third year after the date of issuance.

The rules also included increased penalties for those who trespass on an all-purpose vehicle and a “3rd strike and you’re out” provision that allows for the confiscation of their vehicle.

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