Robots help do the work on a Wayne County, Ohio dairy

Source: Farm & Dairy | Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by Chris Kick

RITTMAN, Ohio — What is the one chore dairymen dread the most?

Well, that depends on which dairyman you ask. But, thanks to new technology, there’s one big chore that dairymen no longer have to endure — at least not on their own.

Thanks to the advent of robotic milkers, and their introduction to the Buckeye State, Ohio dairymen can now spend less time in the parlor and more time tending to other chores.

The first robotic milker was installed in Ohio late last year, at a farm near Plain City, and the first in the northern half of the state was installed in April, at the Ramsier dairy farm in Rittman.

New investmentJoe Ramsier and his father, Marvin, had been eyeing robotic milkers for several weeks, and took interest in a unit they saw on display at W.G. Dairy Supply, during an open house at the Creston store.

About a month after installation, Ramsier said nearly all cows enter on their own and seem content with how it works. Once a cow enters, a large robotic arm attaches each unit to each udder teat, and begins to draw milk.

The cows enter whenever they like, drawn by the fresh feed dispensed for them to eat, and their own bodies telling them it’s time to be milked. Each cow is milked an average of three times, and the identity of each cow is electronically recorded on a computer monitor, which allows each cow to be milked a different number of times — no more than six times per day.

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