Ohio Farm Bureau works to implement policy on water quality regulations

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Ohio Farm Bureau Federation  (OFBF) recently outlined its policies on water quality and nutrient management in a letter to the Department of Natural Resources as the agency considers new rules that impact farmers.

The rules, which will apply to “watersheds in distress,” are being developed in response to pollution concerns in the Grand Lake St. Marys watershed and include restrictions on winter manure application.

“OFBF and our members in Mercer and Auglaize counties are very concerned with the conditions of Grand Lake St. Marys and remain committed to helping to develop and implement solutions to promote and maintain a healthy lake watershed,” wrote OFBF Executive Vice President Jack Fisher.

However, OFBF said there are no specific criteria in the rules for how “watershed in distress” will be designated. OFBF also raised several questions regarding how new regulations on manure application will be implemented and expressed concern about ODNR overstepping its authority.

“As written, the proposed draft rules agree in principle with current OFBF policies,” Fisher wrote. “Our primary concerns  are related to the scope of ODNR authority and the vagueness presented in the proposed draft rules.”

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