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Town Hall Ohio recap: Trade is important to Ohio

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s weekly Town Hall Ohio radio program recently focused on trade, why it’s often portrayed negatively in political ads, and what Ohioans need to know. Play the video to the left for host Joe Cornely’s recap.

Politicians often campaign against one another using trade and outsourcing to portray a picture that exporting is bad for Ohio.

Will Melick, economist at Kenyon College and most recent guest on the Town Hall Ohio radio program, said the people putting together political ads know better, but that it’s an easy issue to demagogue.

He said there are some short run costs to trade, which often feed right into political campaigns where pictures get distorted. “Trade improves everybody. When we trade with Canada we are better off and they are better off – we both benefit.”

Ohioans should know that trade lets you do what you’re best at, and that it lets you get the highest wage you can, he said. “You can enjoy a high standard of living when trade allows you to specialize…instead of trying to do everything ourselves – that’s a recipe for poverty.”


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