Livestock board proposes euthanasia standards

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At a recent meeting, the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board unanimously voted in favor of proposed euthanasia standards for farm animals (read them here).

The standards define “humane euthanasia” and outline a variety of acceptable practices specific to individual species of livestock. It is the first set of standards to be approved by the board since the group began meeting earlier this year.  The proposal was developed after extensive discussion and opportunities for public comments.

The practices listed will be the only acceptable forms of euthanasia and include many common methods such as gunshot, captive bolt and barbiturates. Farmers who don’t follow the standards could face civil penalties, which are in the process of being finalized by the board.

A ballot initiative that had been proposed earlier this year sought to outlaw strangulation as a form of euthanasia, although farmers already widely considered it unacceptable.  Under the board’s standards, this practice is effectively banned. 

Following the Oct. 5 vote, the proposed euthanasia rules were posted on the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board’s website for a two-week public comment period.  They will then be filed with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) to begin the rule making process.

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