Dairy calves benefit from local R.E.I.N.S. program

Local R.E.I.N.S. program benefits two dairy calves

As a direct result of a local program sponsored by the Cuyahoga Farm Bureau Equine Advisory Committee, certified R.E.I.N.S. volunteer Joe Porach was contacted by local animal control officers when two dairy calves were discovered in a closed trailer with little food or water.  With Porach’s assistance, the dairy calves were relocated to Stearns Homestead, where they will be cared for and housed until ready for market. 

The Regional Equine Information Network System (R.E.I.N.S.) is a program designed to help horse owners and others interested in learning about proper care, housing, feed and management of horses, and the program can be applied to other livestock.  Luckily, the local animal control officer who was called on to investigate the housing and care of the dairy calves, had attended the local R.E.I.N.S program held in June, and knew who to call when help was needed.

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