Generous Portion

Student activity based on the article “Generous Portion” published in the Our Ohio magazine. 

Academic Content Standard
(Social Studies: Economics: Grade 2): This student activity helps students “deepen their knowledge of diverse cultures and their roles as citizens.”  It especially emphasizes that citizens can creatively explore how food “resources can be used in various ways,’

(Note: Key terms used from the Ohio Academic Content Standards Revision, K-12 Social Studies, June 2010.)

Discussion points
Read the article titled “Generous Portion” found in Our Ohio magazine or online to the students.

* Explain to the students that philanthropy means to give generously to others.
* Have students give examples of philanthropy.
* How do citizens work together to make sure everybody has food to eat?
* The article states that Mennonite farmers had gone overseas to donate heifers to other farmers in need.  Why do you think it was important for the farmers to go with the young female cows?  What could the farmers do in person to help other farmers?
* Explain how Monica Decker worked to help feed people in other countries.
* Why is it important for a citizen to be able to receive and to give?
* In your opinion, does Heifer International help people to work together?
* What problem do the Heifer Festival and Heifer International efforts help to solve?
* Explain why the next section of the article is titled “A Food Desert.”
* In Dayton, Ohio citizens are coming together to do what for the people who live in the Wright-Dunbar community?
* According to the article, why do you think there are no grocery stores in this community?
* What creative idea did the community leaders have to bring fresh food to the people?
* How did people work together to solve the food problem?
* Is the farmers market good for the citizens?  Is it good for the farmer?  Was this a creative solution?

* The last section of the article show people working together to get “good food to those who need it.”  Explain how people work together to get food to those who need it in the following situations:

  • People in jail working with Meals on Wheels
  • Hunters and food bank
  • Farmers gleaning (gathering left over crops from the fields) and food banks

* Have these people worked together to get food to those in need?

Hands on at Home or School
* Visit the Heifer Festival Site at When was the festival this year (2010)?  Where is it held?  What activities take place?
* Go to the Heifer International Site at

  • Click on the tab “Our Work” and watch a “Heifer Video”
  • Click on the tab “Our Work” and see what countries receive donations

* List 5 of the countries and find them on a map or globe.
* Do an Internet search for Wright-Dunbar Inc.  What historic sites can be found in this district?
* View the Ohio Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) video at

  • What type of meat is donated by FHFH?

* Using a map of Ohio located at the Ohio Department of Transportation, or your own map:
* Locate Richwood, Ohio (Between Marion and Marysville)
* Find the city of Dayton in Ohio.
* What city is close to Germantown, Ohio?
* What major city is in Stark County, Ohio?

* “In its first five years, the (Heifer Festival) raised almost $30,000.”  Approximately how much money was raised each year for this effort?

This student activity was prepared by Camille Kopczewski, who is coordinator of religious education at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City. She is a former sixth grade social studies teacher for South-Western City Schools. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education.