Rita Beiser Family Farm

Diary of Rita Beiser- Week 4- November 21-27

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I went to church this morning.  Andy and the boys fed the cattle and sows.  They also checked the sows and their babies, processed pigs and bred the sows. We ate a light dinner. The boys worked in the shop. They fed and took care of everything for the evening chores while I cooked for our evening meal. We had 35 family members come over for our Thanksgiving meal tonight.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

Monday, November 22, 2010

We fed the cattle and took care of the sows and baby pigs.  I cleaned behind the sows and put lime down. We processed pigs and bred the sows. This afternoon Doug spread more cattle manure.  The nice weather has let us keep up with this job.  When the weather gets rainy or snowy we have a manure storage area to scrape all the manure into until the fields get fit again.David and Dan worked on a field tile that was broke.  Some of our fields are systematically tiled.  The tile is a 4 or 6 inch round plastic hose that has holes in it.  The tile is buried at the correct depth to drain the soil, depending on the contour of the field.  It comes in big rolls of 3200 feet.  It is outletted to a bigger tile or ditch that takes the water to a stream.  Some of the old tile was made out of clay.  It will break over time and then has to be patched with the plastic.  When these tiles break it creates wet spots in the fields that we can not plant in the spring or harvest in the fall. We did the evening chores and checked all the sows and pigs.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We did morning chores and checked sows and baby pigs. David checked the feed bins to see what feed needed to ground and unloaded today.We penned up sows due to farrow and bred sows.  After we ate the boys finished their up their field tile. I worked on data entry for our sow program.Later in the afternoon I went to the high school to help the FFA chapter.  They were sponsoring Cardboard City. It is a fund raiser to raise awareness of how homelessness is becoming a bigger problem.  It also makes the FFA students appreciate everything that they have and just take for granted, like shelter, food and clothing.  The students collected money from family, friends and local businesses.  They will use the money to help local families in need and also for Christmas shopping for some families. I had to help the students register.  After registering they received play money.  They had to use this little bit of money to buy a box to spend the night in, blankets and pillows, and or food from the soup kitchen. The students had to figure out how to spend their money to survive the night outside at school.  This is a great activity for the students to do, and all the volunteers and students have a great time. Andy and the boys had to move sows in the gestation barn and doing the evening feeding.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We all fed all the animals this morning.  Our vet came to castrate pigs.  After that was done Doug and Lindsay processed pigs and bred sows.  Andy, David, Dan and Julie started weaning pigs.  We decided to haul part of the pigs we are weaning this week today.  We have to finish filling one nursery and start putting pigs in another nursery.  And they are in opposite directions, so it will be nice to get this done today.While they are weaning pigs I checked the sows and cleaned and limed their pens. Andy and I left with our load of pigs. I made and brought chili to the sow farm so everyone can grab something to eat when they get caught up a little. They moved weaned sows from the farrowing rooms to the gestation barn.  And then Dave and Dan washed farrowing pens. Andy and I came back from hauling pigs.  We all started feeding for the evening. My family took my Dad out to celebrate his birthday.  We had a nice time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! We all get the morning chores done.  Pigs were processed and the sows are bred. We also are weaning pigs today.  At least the nursery we are hauling to is not too far away.  We usually always wean on Thursday, even if it is a holiday.  Everything gets off schedule if we change anything. We all had family gatherings to go to for our Thanksgiving Dinner.  We all had a very enjoyable afternoon and got to relax a little bit. Andy and David did the evening chores.  I worked on book work for the farm and had some sow breedings to put in the computer.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Everyone fed and checked everything this morning.  Baby pigs were processed and sows bred..  We have a vet come every 5 or 6 weeks to pregnancy check our sows.  He came today.  The vet uses a portable ultrasound machine to check the sows.  He has a probe he places on the sows belly and he can see the images of the baby pigs if she is pregnant.  While he is there we also take a look at all the sows in the barn to make sure they all look comfortable and healthy.  Our vet also looks at our sow records to see if there is anything he thinks we need to do different.  He thought all of our sows and baby pigs looked good! Boys washed farrowing room and moved some more sows. Doug and Andy vaccinated cattle in the afternoon.  David and Dan worked in the shop.  I worked on the computer doing data entering. The evening chores were done and everything checked for the night.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

We fed and cared for all the animals this morning.  Pig processing and sows were bred. Boys penned up sows due to farrow.We had to haul 2 loads of replacement gilts (females to breed) from our home farm to the sow farm.  They are old enough to breed now and will be added to the sow herd to replace the sows we cull. We came home to eat dinner.  Andy went back to sow farm to move some sows and check sows farrowing.  Boys worked in the shop. I worked on book work and had to enter the farrowing cards from each sow we weaned this week in the computer.   I also got to babysit my little granddaughter.  FUN FUN!! They worked on getting the evening feeding done.  Everything was checked for the night.







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