County delegates focused on statewide policy

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) delegates established the organization’s priority issues and heard from Governor-elect John Kasich during the group’s 92nd annual meeting held in Columbus Dec 1-3. Much of the policy session centered on the upcoming effort to balance the state budget in the face of a potential $8 billion shortfall. Farm Bureau members expressed support for incentivizing savings, performance audits and privatization of some government assets and functions as options to cut the cost of government while maintaining essential services. Delegates also focused on preserving functions of state government that are important to Farm Bureau’s core values in areas such as food safety and personal property rights. In light of a tight budget, the future of Ohio State University Extension received a great deal of delegate attention. Farm Bureau encourages Extension to define its purpose and increase its emphasis on agriculture, natural resources, nutrition and 4-H youth development.



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