Year in Review: Ohio Farm Bureau maintaining bipartisan political support

Buckeye Farm News

Before the 2010 election, gubernatorial candidates from both parties sent letters to Ohio agricultural leaders detailing how they would work to support the state’s farmers.  And agriculture has long avoided becoming a “political football” in campaign rhetoric like so many other issues. This is the earned result of Ohio farmers maintaining strong relationships with policymakers even as the face of government changes.

In Ohio Senate races, 80 percent of candidates who earned the “Friend of Agriculture” designation were elected. In Ohio House races, 85 percent were elected. Candidates who earned the “Friend Of Agriculture” designation also prevailed in Ohio Supreme Court races and in a U.S. Senate race. At the federal level, 88 percent of “Friends of Farm Bureau” from Ohio were elected to the U.S. House.

Additionally, two former Ohio Farm Bureau presidents were elected to public office: Bob Peterson in Ohio’s 85th House district and Bob Gibbs in the 18th Congressional district.

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