Year in Review: Worthy causes

Buckeye Farm News

The Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation’s silent auction held at the 2009 Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting raised more than $7,000 for its community grantsmanship and scholarship programs to support Agriculture in the Classroom, consumer outreach, environmental programs, scholarships and other projects benefiting Ohio families and consumers. An additional $30,000 was raised through the annual Foundation Golf Outing. Three scholarship programs associated with the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation selected 10 $1,000 scholarship recipients for the 2010-11 academic year.

The Animals for Life Foundation, which was created earlier this year, also awarded its first set of grants. The mission of the AFL Foundation is to achieve public recognition that animals bring value to human life while triving to improve the quality of life for each. The AFL Foundation’s vision is to increase public acceptance and understanding of human-animal interdependency.

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