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Diary of Rosemary Beeler – Week 4- December 20-26

December 20, 2010

Monday: All this snow is pretty but I could do without it. It makes life on a farm more work.  The cows seem to get used to it but I prefer warmer weather. My son Keith doesn’t think it is cold since he is from Alaska. We did the usual milking and feeding. All the equipment is working so that helps. Keith is helping me with my new laptop and transferring programs and files over to it. We have our chopper in the shop being repaired. We use this equipment for our corn or hay silage. We hope to have it running for the next season we will be using it. We have a shop that is heated by used motor oil. We can pull our equipment right in it and hopefully work on it asap. Tonight is bowling night so we started our evening chores early so Edward can go bowling.

December 21, 2010

Tuesday: Today we have to take Keith to the airport. I like to pick him up but hate to see him leave. He is going back to Alaska, then leaving for Iraq in January. We did the morning milkings, feeding hay etc. We hurried in to a fast breakfast then off to the airport. Keith’s flight was cancelled to Chicago so they flew him to Dallas, then to Seattle, then Fairbanks. We stopped at the local Tractor Supply Company for items needed, also at Home Depot to get electrical items to fix a motor on a bin set up we are changing. Then we come home to start our work again. Bill is here tonight after being off all weekend.

December 22, 2010

Wednesday: Cold again. I started the day by taking my dog for a walk, then doing the milking. Our vet is coming for herd health check. We do this twice a month. We will pregnancy check, or post calviing check or maybe work on their feet or whatever is required. We have two days a month that is dedicated to our farm. Dr. Johnston has been coming here for lots of years and he knows our herd. I had to sort the cow that I wanted for the vet as they come out of the parlor. It is a lot of work but the easiest way to do it. I then hurried to feed my young calves and ate breakfast. Dr. Johnston came around 10:00 and everything went great. Edward was working on the new unload auger system. We bought electrical parts yesterday and everything seems to be working.  Bill came to do the evening milking. Our cow that we have been watching to deliver her calf finally did today. She was due on 12/14. She had the cutest little red heifer calf. I bottle fed it the mother’s milk asap.

December 23, 2010

Thursday: We started our day as usual, going out in the cold.  The cows are getting used to this cold weather. We put in feed, hay, straw to all the livestock since we had employees here today. They will be off this wekend due to holidays. It was a busy day. We had two trucks delivering feed, a truck delivering the parts for our chopper, and the milk truck here almost at the same time. We have to convince the semi truck drivers to drive in and not try to back in. We live back a long lane. We have plenty of room for these trucks to turn around so we try to tell them ahead of time. The truck delivering chopper parts didn’t read the road name correctly and went to the road in town. I guess he figured it out and finally delivered to our farm. We are now trying to get the chopper back together again. The shop is heated and nice to work in now.

Decmeber 24, 2010

Friday, Christmas eve: The weather doesn’t seem so bad this morning but the weather man is predicting snow again. I know the snow is pretty but I don’t care for it as I have to work in it outside. We were up at 4:45, to walk my dog and do the milkings. Our employees are off until next week so it is just the two of us doing the work. We have another cow in the barn, trying to have a calf. It is a lot easier with her closer to the milking parlor. The calf can be delivered in a warm barn also. I was writing checks, paying bills and trying to balance my checkbook. Soon it will be time to go outside and do the evening milking and feedings. I do hope everything works ok so we can get in for Christmas Eve. We had our children here last weekend so we really don’t have a lot planned.

December 25, 2010

Saturday: Very snowy white Christmas. A quiet day here as no employees, just Edward and myself. We had a new calf born this morning, a little bull calf. We placed the mother in the milking herd and the new calf went in a stall in the barn. I fed the calf the mother’s milk so it gets all the nutrients from her milk. I went to St. Aloysius Church in Shandon for the 11:00 Mass. The church is decorated really pretty with all the poinsettias and the nativity scene. It was nice to see friends and wish them a Merry Christmas. I made lasagna for dinner and while it was cooking, we went to another farm and fed hay to our heifers. They didn’t care for the bale of hay we had in the feeder so we gave them new hay. We also fed our bred heifers on our farm. We came in to a hot dinner. We only had a few hours to relax before going out again to do the evening chores. Everything worked out great and we were done around 7:45 and headed to the house.

December 26, 2010

Sunday: It is snowing again but the roads seem to be ok. I was up as usual and did the morning chores. We had another cow give birth this morning but it was after I was done milking. She has a bull calf. I will milk her tonight and move her calf to the barn also. I did go to the shopping center to get Christmas cards 1/2 off and some groceries. We are heading out to do the evening chores shortly.







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