Schwab Family Farm

Meet A Farmer- Jeff Schwab and Family

Jeff, Toni, Lauren and Ryan are the family behind the Schwab Family Farm in Butler County.  We proudly produce pork as a high quality and nutritious food for the American people.  Our farm is a breed to wean operation.  We don’t raise crops and only have a few cows to keep the pastures cleaned up.  So we like to say we do one thing and do it well since we are a small family operation. 

Neither Jeff nor Toni grew up on a farm.  An uncle on Jeff’s side of the family gave him a single sow when he was younger and his love for pigs grew from there. Toni grew up as a city slicker, but after being married almost 25 years, and living the farm life, she wouldn’t change a thing.   Jeff, Toni, Lauren and Ryan are members of the Ohio Pork Producers, Farm Bureau, FFA Alumni, and involved with 4-H for over 30 years. In addition, Jeff is on the Butler County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees.  Follow our diary of activities through the month of January 2011.

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