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Diary of Nancy Powell – Week 5- Dec. 27-31

Monday – December 27, 2010

Well, it’s another really cold morning.  I guess I should be happy that the big blizzard of 2010 went south of us and hit the east coast instead of burying us in two feet of snow.  I like winter weather as long as it is not in the extreme, too cold or too deep!  Dewey is still not feeling well so I am letting him sleep in another day.  I am getting all of my micro chipping syringes cleaned up and reloaded with some of the bulk of new chips that arrived right before Christmas.  All of the new babies need chipped and I need to record the chip number on their application for registration papers before I send them into the National Pygmy Goat Association.  After I mail the registration application papers to the NPGA in Snohomish Washington it usually takes about a week to ten days for the registration certificate to be returned to me.  The National Pygmy Goat Association is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to promoting the African Pygmy Goat and offering guidance to those who own and love them. If you would like to learn more about the NPGA – here is the website.

Tuesday – December 28, 2010

The winter makes me long for the springtime when we can start attending pygmy goat shows.  Dewey and I have made some truly wonderful friendships with pygmy goat breeders from all over the country.  We love to get together and see each other’s goats and talk about goats.  Since 1999 have attended goat shows in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia and North Carolina. We compete against each other in classes that are grouped by the age and sex of the animal.  It’s fun to see how the goats compare against each other and see what the judges have to say about the goats. One of the highlights of this year was when the National Pygmy Goat Association held its annual convention at our fairgrounds here in Butler County.  Goat enthusiasts from all over the country came here to Hamilton, Ohio to be hosted by the wonderful folks in Region 5.  Region 5 is geographically Michigan and Ohio.  Because of his MS, Dewey doesn’t get to show the goats anymore but he came out of retirement for one day to show our Permanent Grand Champion doe, Syringa at the National Champion Challenge.  We didn’t win but it was an honor to get to compete and Dewey and Syringa were looking good!

Wednesday – December 29, 2010

After the morning chores I headed into town to work at the Board of Elections for a few hours.  End of the year stuff.  After work I called my sister-in-law Irene to invite her and her husband Kimroy over for chicken parmesan for dinner.  After dinner we worked for a few hours in the barn doing some disbudding, micro chipping and vaccinations.  I think our final count was forty four babies in 2010. That’s a good number and at a risk of jinxing myself, we did that with no veterinary assistance.  Yeah!

Thursday – December 30, 2010

Oh my goodness!  The weather is warming up, melting the snow, and it feels like spring in the air.  The goats are all real frisky today – I think they really appreciate this warm weather too.  I hope they don’t get too used to it, the weather man says it just won’t last long.  We grocery shopped today; I needed to get supplies in for the New Year’s celebration.  We always have pork and kraut for New Year’s day dinner.  That is supposed to bring good luck in the New Year and we don’t want to take any chances with that.  Our daughter and her husband are bringing the granddaughters down from Defiance, Ohio for a visit and we can’t wait to see them.

Friday – December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve!  We are taking advantage of the warm weather today.  Dewey’s Dad brought us a truck load of fire- wood and we filled the large water tank in the barn.  Enough with the chores!  I made a pot of white chicken chili so when Kim and Rick and the girls arrived at 5 p.m. we could eat and then the girls could open their Christmas gifts from Peps and Mama (that’s what they call us).  We all went to the barn to feed and so Teagen could see “her” goats.  She is four and sometimes when she calls us from Defiance she will ask me to take the phone to the barn so her goats can say hi to her.  Anytime you walk in the barn they will speak to you but she thinks they are talking to her.  They usually just want food! We rang in the New Year at Kimroy and Irene’s house in Oxford.  They had all five of their grandkids and we had our two.  It’s kind of funny how we never have any problem getting the parents to let us keep all the grandkids overnight on New Year’s Eve …..Hmmm…  We watched the ball drop on Times Square, wore funny hats, made a lot of noise in the back yard and toasted 2011 with sparkling grape juice at midnight. All of the children were awake, even the baby, so I bet they sleep in tomorrow. This is my last post and I want everyone who has reads this to know it has been a lot of fun. Everyone here at Dry Run Acres wish you a happy, healthy, new year.







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