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Diary of Rosemary Beeler – Week 5- December 27-31

December 27, 2010  

Monday: It seems to be very cold out this morning. I took Teddy for a walk, then went to do the milking and feed calves. One of my weaned calves is sick so I moved him inside the barn. I hope he does ok. I had a dentist appointment today. We have the parts in for our chopper so we are working on putting it back together again. Bill is not working today so I am doing the evening milking. Edward is going bowling tonight.

December 28, 2010

Tuesday: It is a little warmer now. I went out to do the morning milking. We are drying up 7 of our cows. We usually dry them up about 60 days before they are due to calve. We put medicine  to stop their milk production and we take them to the dry cow barn. They are relaxing hopefully before they give birth. Also we feed them a different silage. I took my Mother to the grocery store and get her medicine. I made a stop at the local feed mill to pick up a element for our waterer for our calves. It doesn’t seem to be heating and the water is frozen. The calves can not drink and they are not happy. We may have to install a new waterer as this one is old and parts are not available. Edward is working on the bean bin so we can load beans to sell in January. Bill is coming back to work tonight.

December 29, 2010

Wednesday: The weather is getting warmer and this snow will be melting and we will have a sloppy mess. I did the morning milkings, I started at 5:30 and was done by 8am. I then fed my young calves. Edward was doing his feeding and other work today. We was working on the waterer  for the young calves. It seems to be working now since the weather is warmer. I drove my Mother to her sister’s house for a Christmas party with her family. I did stop at Sears. We have been looking for a vest for Edward and I found one on sale. Bill came tonight and he did the evening milking. Everything went great.

December 30, 2010

Thursday: It is raining now. The snow is melting and we have some slippery spots in our barnyard from the frozen snow, and now ice. I have to watch where I walk or I will fall. We are cleaning up our livestock floors today, trying to get this slush moved and the livestock will have fresh straw and clean pens to lie in. Our serviceman for our breeding service stopped by to fill our nitrogen tank this morning. We try to artificially breed the cattle when we can to improve genetics.  We have a party at my friend’s house tonight so we are starting to do the evening chores a little early so we can be finished in time to go. We ordered parts to fix our tandem truck and it has arrived so we will be working on that soon.

December 31, 2010

Friday, New Year’s eve: We started our day off doing the daily chores. I walked my dog, then went out to do the milking. It was a warm day. Edward was doing his feeding of the livestock. Our tractor we used to grind feed for our steers needed a new battery so we installed it. We bleeded out the hydrastatics drive system on our chopper after putting new oil and filter on it, changed the engine oil, put a new stationary bar in, put a new fan housing in. We are still working on it but it should be ready to go later on this year. Our heifers at another farm were out of hay, so we put in 4 round bales of hay, hopefully to feed them for a few days. Bill is off today so I did the evening milking. I hope you enjoyed our diary. We wish everyone a happy year to come!

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