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Diary of the Schwab Family- January 1-2, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!  We had a fun time ringing in the new year with three 4-H families.  We didn’t get home until 1:45 a.m., and then up at 6 a.m. to take care of the animals.  No time to sleep in for us.  We were so happy to have a mild winter day as compared to the much colder days in December.  Toni drove a few minutes away to another farm to take care of the feeding.  Sure happy its warm enough that the feed bins won’t be frozen shut.  Things went smoothly as Jeff and Lauren stayed at the home farm to take care of the pigs.  We met back together for lunch.  After lunch Jeff and Lauren went back out to do the afternoon feeding and to check on the sows.  I went into the house to keep working on the end of the year book work.  Lots to do as I total expenses for the year and all the related information we’ll need gathered for our records. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ryan had yesterday and today off work.  We make a weekly schedule for Lauren and Ryan (Jeff and Toni don’t get days off).  They are both on winter break from college but usually Ryan works Monday-Friday and Lauren works a few days during the week in between classes and all day on Saturday and Sunday.  Lauren needs the time off during the week in order to do cooking demonstrations at area high schools for Ohio Pork Producers Council and presentations in elementary schools as a National FFA Agriculture Ambassador.  As if that’s not enough, she also works at home for Ohio Farm Bureau writing articles or doing research.  She’s one busy gal and we are all proud of her dedication to the ag industry. I took off again early this morning to do the daily chores and feeding at the off-site location, made a few notes of things for Jeff to repair.  Next item of business for me is to keep pushing myself to get new folders, notebooks, and other records and forms ready and printed for the 2011 farm records.  What a big job, but I remember the old way when I did it the hard way, before we had a home computer.  As I keep plugging away inside, Jeff and Lauren keep working outside.  Lauren went to feed the cows some hay and Jeff went into the farrowing house to check on a particular sow to make sure she’s doing okay.  I’ve included a photo of Lauren giving one of her presentations to students.



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