Herb & Sarah Summe and family

Diary of Sarah Summe – week 1- Jan 1-2, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello. I am Herb’s wife Sarah, and it can get very confusing at times having the same name as my mother-in-law… but it’s a great name. Herb and I have six children, ages 12 years old down to 3 years old. Besides the milking and farming, we raise market goats for pets and for 4-H projects to take to the county fairs. The kids and I spent a couple of hours today getting things ready for all the birthing of the mother goats. Carl, Herb and Drew milked the cows in the morning. They started around 6 am and finished around 9 am. They had many other chores they also need to do. Herb and Drew worked on the grain trucking, putting a new spring on. They also took out a transmission out of one of the trucks as well. Before long, it was 3 pm and that means time to get ready to milk again. One of the cows had a calf and our kids took care of the calf, making a pen and put bedding down for him and fed him a bottle of milk. They bedded the free stall pens, this is where all the milk cows lay down at night after milking. Herb hauled round bales to the pasture and Drew delivered hay to a hay customer. We finished the night with a family sit-down meal around 9 pm.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sundays are a day where most families have a day off but not for a dairy farmer. The cows were milked and many other chores had to be done before we could go to church at 10:30 am. After church we had a Christmas gathering with the Summe family. Carl and Sarah’s two daughters came home with their families to celebrate Christmas a week late. Drew and his wife Renee’s little boy was in the hospital, so we all waited for him to get better. Before we knew it, it was milking time. Sarah had chores that needed to be done and also helped with the milking. Carl and I milked the cows while Herb and Drew did many other chores. They cleaned the manure off the lots and feed all the cows. Our kids helped all afternoon with the work. It was a job trying to get the kids ready for school tomorrow, since they were off for 2 weeks on Christmas break.

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