Herb & Sarah Summe and family

Meet a Farmer- Sarah & Herb Summe and family

Hello everyone! We are the Herb and Sarah Summe family from Morgan Township. We  own and operate a family dairy farm. The family farm is owned by Herb’s parents, Carl and Sarah Summe. They started the farm around 40 years ago by only milking a handful of cows.

Today we milk around 80 holstein cows and the dairy is operated by Carl, Sarah and their two sons Drew and Herb, along with their families. We also raise many crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. We raise the calves that are born on the farm as well. The heifers (female calves) are used as replacement cows. The bull calves are castrated and fed out for freezer beef or sold as fat steers (a steer is a castrated bull) to other markets. There are also many other animals raised at the farm by our family. We have chickens and sell the fresh brown eggs to local customers. We raise pigs, which are for meat and also for 4-H projects for our children. We also have goats and three horses.

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